Information Security Compliance

Modern Information Systems are governed by multiple and at times competing security frameworks. Whether your system requires FedRAMP, FISMA, ISO, SOC, PCI or HIPAA, First Info Tech is here to help.

The Value of Compliance

Certification and Accreditation of information systems open new business markets. Customers are becoming savvy consumers of secure IT products. The mark of accreditation allows your product to stand out from the crowd.

Compromise of information system security can impose significant costs on your organization. In addition to fines and notification fees, the impact to your reputation may be irreversible in today’s market place. Loss of consumer trust can cripple a business.

Certification of your product as being compliant with government and industry recognized security standards can help manage your risk and lead to improved customer confidence.

Experienced with the Process

At First Info Tech we understand the full lifecycle of information security. We are engineers first and foremost; we understand the technology underlying your system, and have helped numerous organizations architect secure information systems from the ground up. We also conduct audits as independent assessors, and we’ve played a role in guiding the development of governmental information security standards. As a result, our team understands your product, the needs of your clients, and what it takes to earn accreditation; we will use our knowledge to quickly and efficiently build you a compliance framework that reflects your unique needs.

A Partner in Compliance

Plenty of information systems are derived from a good idea, only to face challenges when the implementation meets the requirements. At First Info Tech, we want to understand your business objectives while minding the project requirements. This allows us to put together all the things that make an information system truly successful.

Some of the areas where we leverage our compliance expertise include:

  • Planning
  • Documentation
  • Risk analysis

Doing these things right requires understanding our clients. Once we understand your goals and business needs, we advocate for you, and guide you all the way through to success.