Cloud Computing Security

Moving information systems into the cloud brings an additional element of complexity to ensuring information security and process integrity.

We have been helping customers meet these challenges from the beginning of the cloud revolution, and we come to the table prepared to help organizations achieve their compliance goals and manage their risk.

Government Regulations of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs)

The world of cloud computing and the opportunities it has unleashed have exploded in the last 10 years. Unfortunately many government organizations lag behind the private sector in taking advantage of these opportunities. Governments are skeptical of CSP risk management and CSPs are unsure how best to meet these concerns. Because of First Info Tech’s extensive experience working directly with both government agencies and CSPs, we know how to create compliance solutions that meet the requirements of all parties.

First Info Tech helped government agencies and task forces develop some of the regulations now applicable to cloud service solutions. Because we know the requirements inside and out, we can walk our clients through the process of getting audited and certified to sell their solutions.

Building Security into Cloud Solutions

Starting with the requirements, we help businesses meet their goals by creating solutions that match with their individual risk philosophy. Security isn’t a feature that can easily be tacked on to a cloud solution at the end of the design (though we have successfully helped customers respond to ‘surprise’ requirements on a tight time frame). By building security into a cloud information system from the beginning, we maintain a consistent, managed level of risk to ensure success with audits and certifications.

Cloud Solutions and Compliance

Because we helped write them, we’re uniquely qualified to explain and interpret the regulations that govern cloud solutions. We help to create and update technical and policy documentation, clarify compliance requirements for a cloud environment, and walk your organization through the audit or certification process to ensure there are no surprises or delays. We’ve worked with some of the biggest Cloud Service Providers in the industry, and we know how to ensure audit success.

Auditing Cloud Solutions

Ensuring the compliance of a large-scale cloud solution, with the hundreds of applicable government controls and standards, doesn’t have to be a painful process. Our engineers know the regulations and the questions to ask to complete a compliance review. Most importantly, we conduct our audits in the context of an organization’s overall risk mitigation strategy, making the findings actionable and solution-specific.