First Info Tech Team Awarded Department of Homeland Security Continuous Monitoring BPA

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) awarded a First Info Tech team, led by large prime contractor DRC, one of multiple contracts under a blanket purchase agreement (BPA). The award recipients will provide tools, hardware, and software to implement Continuous monitoring as-a-service (CMaaS). Under the contract, DHS will work with agencies to implement continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM) tools at the network level. As a member of the DRC team, First Info Tech will provide subject matter expertise and operational support.

Continuous monitoring consists of dynamic hardware and software management, detection and remediation of vulnerabilities and viruses , and configuration settings management. The continuous monitoring concept was designed for agencies to continually attest that data confidentiality, integrity, and availability remain intact, as opposed to previous static models which required infrequent review, attestation, and/or accreditation. Over a year ago DHS released a policy requiring continuous monitoring, and we are beginning to see a surge in agencies looking to implement continuous monitoring programs to address those requirements. Read More